Vincent Tanutama



I am a PhD student in Public Policy at University of Chicago.


I study governments in developing countries. I use insights from organizational economics, political economy, and public finance to study aspects of administrative, political, and fiscal decentralization and their consequences for corruption and bureaucratic efficiency. I am also interested in the political economic determinants of administrative state capacity and the centralization of authority.


You can contact me at tanutama at uchicago dot edu.




The vertical cost of decentralization

How does the vertical organization of bureaucracies affect corruption and rent-sharing?


Corruption and the market for relationships

(with Raul Sanchez de la Sierra and Kristof Titeca

How do relationships and markets sustain corruption?


Climatic constraints on aggregate economic output (with Marshall Burke) [Working paper]

What do subnational temperature responses imply for the aggregate and distributional impacts of warming?


Environmental constraints on elite worker productivity: Evidence from professional tennis

(with Marshall Burke, Sam Heft-Neal, David Lobell, and Miyuki Hino)

How does climate change hurt the productivity of highly-skilled workers?